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Pauline Hanuise
Peinture, Fluid art, Abstrait
100 L x 120 H
1.650,00 €
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KALI is one of the most popular Goddesses of the Mahavidyas, which represent various phases of awareness, as well as different powers of the mental body and heart center.

KALI embodies the powers to set us free from the beliefs that keep us chained. She also represents the creation of the Universe and our unification with it. Setting us free from the physical, material world.

KALI will spread that gentle but powerful energy around her, reminding you that nothing and no one will ever be able to take that away from you.

This is a unique and original piece. You’ll receive the artwork ready to hang, already stretched on a wooden frame (single cross at the back). Mixed media technique on high-quality canvas.

The painting has been finished with a glossy varnish that deepens the dimension of the artwork and protects it.

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