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Pauline Hanuise
Peinture, Fluid art, Abstrait
150 L x 120 H
2.475,00 €
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Leïa – goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation, all the wonderful things feminine energy has to offer.

She is a real Queen, with her golden details, textures, and treasures. Just like hidden natural coves of crystal clear, turquoise water, nourishing the depths of our beings.

She is the connection between the depths of our souls and the entire universe.
Leïa will remind you of the magic around us and within you. The beauty of what you truly are, just like her, stunningly gorgeous, vibrant, and alive… Nourishing everything around you.

This is a unique and original piece. You’ll receive the artwork ready to hang, already stretched on a wooden frame (single cross at the back). Mixed media technique on high-quality canvas.

The painting has been finished with a glossy varnish that deepens the dimension of the artwork and protects it.

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