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Pauline Hanuise

Born and raised in Belgium, Pauline is a self-taught, intuitive artist, a coach, teacher, and digital entrepreneur.

Pauline has painted and created for as long as she can remember. As many, she has been told art should stay a hobby. That’s how she ended up scoring 2 master degrees. The first one in communication and the second in management.

Refusing to settle for the status quo, she left Europe at 26 to live and work in Sydney as a Digital Producer. During her time in Australia, she joined the local art school and started exhibiting her work (2011).

At that time, her work was still pretty dark and tortured, which was a reflection of her life-time struggles with eating disorders and body image.

Over the years, as she healed herself, and found more inner peace through spirituality and yoga, her work evolved to become more colorful and spontaneous. Today, her art is a reflection of the flow of life, the universal energy of love and light.

She worked and lived in different countries till 2018. She is currently living and working in Portugal.

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When I create, I become a channel for a greater energy to flow through, onto the canvas. Some will call it God, others Universe, Love or Light... it doesn't really matter.

My deepest hope, is to communicate that back to the room that welcomes the artwork and to those looking at it.