Concept - Catch-art

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What exactly is Catch-Art?

The idea of facilitating access to artists and their original artworks had been in our heads for a few years but covid slowed us down a bit in the concretization of this project.

During our previous experiences (organisation of group exhibitions in Liege and Brussels and running an art gallery to promote emerging artists) we often received the same questions:
Do your artists also do others/bigger formats? Do they have other artworks in stock? Can we visit their studio?
But also remarks like: I don’t have the time to visit galleries and exhibitions, or I don’t know enough about the codes & the art’s vocabulary, I’m afraid of being ridiculous, I don’t dare to go and talk to the artist, I don’t dare to push the door of an art gallery, it’s too intimidating,… whereas I would really like to have a favorite artwork at home. For my own pleasure but also to surprise my guests by showing them what I like.

That’s why we thought that setting up a service based on the customer’s request could be a good idea.
Like a concierge service, but for finding works of art. Catch-Art Services is our basic offer. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment.

And to make it possible to meet artists in a relaxed and much more accessible way, we organise once a month a Catch-Art Experiences, reserved for a small number of potential buyers, in our house-gallery in Uccle. This is an opportunity for them to discuss the artist’s work, technique and universe with him/her and to discover a unique selection of his/her artworks in preview.

Take a look at the agenda of the next Catch-Art Experiences and register!
We are looking forward to meeting you.
Marie, JP and Yann