FAQ - Catch-art

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#1: Can I make an initial appointment to learn more about how Catch-Art works?
YES, we will be happy to discuss your wishes with you and explain how Catch-Art works. Only if we agree on a research to be done, a small fee will be charged.

#2: Is it possible to see the artworks before buying them?
YES. Of course, we will bring the selected artwork from the artist’s studio to show it to you in our house gallery.

#3: Is there a right of withdrawal if when the artwork is delivered and installed in my home it doesn’t work for me after all?
YES. We will avoid this situation as much as possible by giving you the best advice. But if this should nevertheless be the case, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days as provided by law.

#4: Are all the works original and certified by the artist?
YES. Catch-Art only offers unique and original works. Except of course for the photos. The prints are then very limited and you know the number of the photo you bought. It will then be mentioned on your certificate.