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Jules Wittock

Jules Wittock is a Belgian painter & sculptor, born in 1993.

“I have been drawing labyrinths since I was very small. I recently went through a difficult phase and, without knowing it, these drawings helped me a lot. I started by drawing larger and larger formats. One day a friend told me that I had to show my work.
So we decided to exhibit my paintings in her empty flat and people liked it a lot.
Some time later I did a retrospective of my work and I realised that it was therapy that had helped me to get better.
At first I drew mazes without a solution, then with a solution, then with a solution that wrote a word, these words were negative and they became more and more positive.
Drawing these mazes helps me a lot in everyday life, it’s my way of expressing how I feel.”

Solo exhibition:
2022 – Brussels – Galerie des dominicains
2023 – Mazes – Paris – Isabelle Laverny

Group exhibition:
2021 – L’app-ART exhibition
2022 – Uccle Exhibition
2022 – Affordable Art Fair Brussels – Art Unity Gallery
2022 – Isabelle Laverny Gallery – Paris
2022 – Knokke-Heist – Art Unity Gallery
2022 – Mexico City – TAMAYO Museum of Modern Art
2022 – Affordable Art Fair – Amsterdam – Art Unity Gallery
2023 – Affordable Art Fair – London Battersea – XinArt Gallery
2023 – Affordable Art Fair – Brussels – Art Unity Gallery
2023 – Espace Qartier, Métro Bourse/Beurs – Brussels – Sublab
2023 – Affordable Art Fair – London Hampstead – XinArt Gallery
2023 – Affordable Art Fair – Hong-Kong – Visus Gallery
2023 – Labyrinths of the Mind – Brussels – Imperium art Gallery

Project and residence
2022 – Working in Nomade Lodge in the amazonian jungle. Working on paper and wood.

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What do my paintings represent?

My paintings are labyrinths.
It is acrylic paint on canvas, there is always only one solution and the solution writes a word.
So if you draw the solution with a red marker for example, the marker line will draw a word.
I never reveal the word, it's secret, it's up to the client to find it.
The word usually reflects the mood I am painting in.
Some mazes are more complicated than others, some have thinner lines, some thicker, some allow you to guess the word, some do not.